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 General Champion (ranked play) Discussion

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PostSubject: General Champion (ranked play) Discussion   Mon Sep 13, 2010 8:38 pm

I am a new recruit for those that do not know me, I have over 2k game's played and before season 1 was sitting at over +100 wins over losses. I do not consider myself the best or a know it all but I do like to go by this list of champions for the most part.


I have heard a lot of discussion on vent over "X champion is good cause of __________ reason"

Truth is I could slap my dick on a keyboard and play Tryndamere and get 30 kills if the game goes 40+ minutes and I get fed a little early game, that does not by any means mean that he is a good champion or good for the meta game in ranked play.

If you can learn the champions in the first two lists, especially the Tier Two list (since most of tier one is always banned) you will almost always have a good, solid effective for the team champion to play with. I understand this is a game but I know one thing my pet peeve is having to carry a bad champion through a victory and then that "X" player thinking that champion is good.

Anyways in case you have never seen this it is a good representation of how the ranked meta game is so far into season 1. So anyways enjoy hope it helps Smile.

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General Champion (ranked play) Discussion
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