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 Interesting champ comp

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PostSubject: Interesting champ comp   Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:35 am

Check that out - I mean we were running a 4 man team since cho disconected about 15 min ingame. As far as team fights went we completely destroyed them like they didnt stand a chance - its not as to where youd say we got dmged but we got lucky at the end running away with low hp. No the only one that got dmged was trynd since they tried so hard to get him down yet failed in the end. I mean me(sona), zileon and singed completely control the team fight where as trynd was getting speed buffed the entire time etc. Realy this has been the most interested game for me in ages - notice their team comp apart from TF their team is not all that bad considering they had a garen and kassadin

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Interesting champ comp
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